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The Carl Barks Fan Club (often called the "CBFC") of Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA, connects fans to a global community of Carl Barks fans.  The Carl Barks Fan Club is dedicated to preserving the Barks legacy of stories and artwork for future generations and to promoting the legacy to an ever-widening global audience of Carl Barks fans.

But just who is CARL BARKS, you may ask?  Well, even if you don't know his name, you're probably familiar with his work.  If you've ever seen a cartoon featuring Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, or any of the duck clan, then you know the work of Carl Barks.

Carl Barks is a Disney Legend and an American cultural icon! His career as both a cartoonist and artist spanned a truly incredible 60+ years.

Carl Barks began working for the Walt Disney Studios in 1935 as an “in-betweener” in the Animation Department. Upon leaving the studios in 1942 and until his retirement in 1966, he single-handedly wrote and drew nearly 500 “Duck Stories” for the Disney Comic Books: Walt Disney's Comics & Stories, The Donald Duck Adventures, and The Uncle Scrooge Adventures!

In his later years, Carl continued to add an exclamation point to his amazing body of work - as a fine artist! Even during his later years, some of Carl’s later oils of the Disney Ducks would command prices in excess of $280,000.

Carl himself, however, was really only “discovered” by his legion of fans after his retirement from formal comic-book work in the late 1960s. Having worked before in total anonymity, he was known to his public only as “The Good Duck Artist.”

When Western Publishing, which then held the Disney license for the Disney comic books, would from time to time remove Carl from a story, his fans would angrily react to the publisher. For even though many comic book readers were only kids, they  instinctively recognized extraordinary stories and quality art when they saw it!

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